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We have hit the 5000 mark. We are so proud to know that you are learning with us.

We also have 101 daily subscribers who receive our updates as well.

Our goal between now and the end of the year is to go to 500 daily subscribers and 10,000 hits. But to do that we need your help. Please forward our information on to your network of pastors, lay leaders, and those you believe will benefit from our discussions.

Might even consider having your deacons, committee leaders, elders, staff, or other leadership teams subscribe as well. This way it gives you the opportunity to have them reading what you are reading and discussing in a non threatening environment with you and hundreds of other pastors and lay leaders from around the world. This gives them an opportunity give and receive input through our “comment” section of the blog. Reading what others are saying is a huge advantage for leading discussion within your own teams. Sort of like a living “case study” if you will.

All one needs to do is submit their email address into the “Get Blog Updates” function on the right side tool bar of our blog and hit the “Subscribe Me!” button, we’ll do the rest. And best of all it’s a FREE subscription.

Thanks for allowing us to learn with you.

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