Submit your Ideas & Photos

Hey Gang!

I’m looking for your ideas and photos for StS.


Communication Ideas

  • photos/.pdf docs of your communication pieces, signage around your campus, kiosks, tv screens,displays, information centers, etc…

Connection Ideas

  • photos of your target audience, volunteers serving around the campus as greeters, ushers, traffic, information centers, campus cleaning, etc…

Consistency Ideas

  • photos of persons serving in first impressions that you’d like to spotlight and why you think we should spotlight them on our blog.

Classification Ideas

  • photos/.pdf docs of what you are doing for new believers, membership classes, communion, small groups, service, evangelism and spiritual growth steps.

Send us your photos and ideas and we’ll begin highlighting your church for everyone to celebrate with you in what you are doing.

Remember to include your name, church name, city, state, and your position on staff or in the church. Your web address would be great to have as well.

Creating a “coaching network” if you will. Learning together to make a difference in the world.

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