StS Award of Excellence: First Baptist Gladewater, Texas

Hello North East Texas!

I’m in the area over the next couple of weeks and thought I give a couple of shout outs to churches as I am in the area.

Happened to pass by the newly remodeled First Baptist Church of Gladewater, Texas and boy was I impressed. Way to go guys. The remodel looks awesome! But the thing that was most helpful to me was the new signage that tells me about what you have going on.

I noticed that from every direction around the campus there are new “Welcome” signs with basic information about the church. (times, locations, phone, email, web, etc…) I even noticed that on several of the signs it let me know in “red text” that the main entrance was on the north side of building with an arrow in the direction I needed to go.

These were very helpful as I checked all the entrances to the multiple parking lots around the campus and across the street and each one had a “welcome” sign with information for me.

Quick, easy, and very nicely done.

Way to go guys!

We celebrate your “Street to the Seat” love of people with clear and accurate information for persons seeking Christ!

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  1. Kerry R. Mackey says:

    Hey Kerry,
    Thanks for the StS Award of Excellence. Thanks for noticing the signage. The “red” office entrance was important because we didn’t want to leave all the doors unlocked for security reasons. It was practical. I appreciate the blog and the insights that you give. If we can do somethings better let me know.

    Family Film Night
    Here is something that is working for us this summer. We are having a Family Film Night on the last Sunday evening of the month. Inspired by the response of our congregation to films like “The Passion” and “the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” in which we rented a local movie theater for a showing. Then last fall, we showed the “Facing the Giants” film at our church with great response.

    This Summer we have shown “Flywheel” from the producers of “Facing the Giants.” In coming months, we are showing “The Last Sin-Eater” based on Francine Rivers novel., Amazing Grace, the story of a British Parlimentarian inspired by John Newton to battle to end slave trading.
    We go all out with snacks, trailers shown during announcements of services and childcare for parents of small children.

    There are some good resources available…google Christian movies for distributors. We are considering continuing beyond the Summer months.

    Two quick Ministry ideas as School starts:

    1. We do an annual “School Supplies Round Up” for the elementary schools. We get school supply lists from the schools and ask our church family to donate supplies or money to purchase supplies. These are used to supplement the needs of children unable to afford them. It is greatly appreciated.

    2. Each year, before classes begin, our church hosts a “Gladewater ISD Appreciation Luncheon” for the faculty, administrative and support staff of the schools. We feed approximately 350 teachers, administrators, coaches, secretaries and custodians a meal of grilled hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans and dessert. It is great PR for the church and gives us an opportunity to introduce church to new personnel. We make church information available and hand our Prayer Request cards to be filled out. Each year the School Superintendant’s Office calls us to find out when we are planning to do it so they can get it on their calendar.

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