Small Wins


What are the small wins we have identified that help build momentum? (in various areas and strategies)

Here are some of my thoughts. I’d love to here yours. Shoot me and email.

1. Lead Time – communicating with ones congregation and community far enough in advance that it allows for them to plan for participation.

2. The Right Information – communicating what is most important at the right time to engage persons to action. Too much information isn’t always the best strategy. The right information at the right time is the best strategy.

3. Volunteer Appreciation – saying thank you to persons on the front lines of first impressions. (cards, emails, appreciation dinner, cookout, etc…)

4. The Ministry of Walking Around – walking the campus every service, every weekend to say thank you to our volunteers who faithfully serve in traffic, greeters, ushers, health care, campus cleaning, ministry tables, welcome center, etc…

5. Welcome Center – a simple place where guests can find pertinent information (maps of the campus, brochures, information on upcoming events, hosts to help them get to where they are going) Don’t overwhelm them…put only the most pertinent information for immediate connection. You can send them follow-up information upon their request. And don’t make the Welcome Center a hard place to find. Put it where they can see it and train every volunteer to drive persons to it.

6. Take Aways – something tangible they can leave the service with that triggers them to act during the following week. (business card reminder for their wallet, magnet, sticker, tattoo, etc…have fun with it.)

7. Fresh Start Kit – a simple kit for persons who choose Christ during your service. (Bible, brochure on how to have a devotional, message from your pastor on DVD/CD, What On Earth Am I Hear For pamphlet, etc…)

8. Soft-side Information Card – providing members/guests and opportunity to give you information and submit questions. Might even be something you could harvest digitally with an online response card.

9. Baptism Frequency – providing an opportunity for persons to be baptized immediately following your services weekly.

10. Hang Time – allowing time and safe places for persons to hang with each other while on the campus. This is key to building community with members/guests. (Consider garden areas, recreational walks, coffee shop atmospheres, lounge areas, bookstores, commons area, etc…)

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