1st Impressions Team Overview

Several of you have requested a basic overview of our 1st impressions team. Here you go. We call them our Campus Ministry Team.

Traffic – This is the ministry for people of Saddleback,who want to serve God, by safely guiding and facilitating the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Join the other 75 Traffic Ministry Volunteers in this vital ministry, serving before and after scheduled weekend services and at other special events where traffic control is needed. Click here to view the video

Ushering – Ushers serve at the worship service of their choice by helping with the following opportunities: Greeting attendees as they enter the venues and handing out bulletins, taking the offering, praying for members and guests, assisting with any problems members or guests may have. The 300+ Ushers currently serving would love to welcome you, to fellowship with them in this ministry. Click here to view the video

Campus Cleaning – The Campus Cleaning Ministry helps to care for the buildings on Saddleback’s campus. The 50 volunteers in this ministry serve the Lord by serving others through their care for our place of worship. Our goal is to provide a positive, refreshing experience to everyone who attends or visits Saddleback Church, by maintaining clean worship venues, restrooms,and offices. Click here to view the video

Greeters – A warm smile and a friendly handshake can do wonders for a person’s state of mind. Greeters are often the first people that seekers, attendees and members see once they get to campus and the goal of the 200 volunteers currently in this ministry is to prepare the hearts of these people for the message they are about to hear. A softened heart is an open heart and Greeters serve God by helping these people receive His Word. Click here to view the video

Health care – The spiritually based environment for the 50 health care professionals within this ministry allows fellowship and networking while serving the church and community with their professional knowledge and ability. This Ministry qualifies and trains health care professionals to serve God as first aid providers at all worship services and major events. These volunteers provide medical assistance and “compassion care“ to anyone who becomes ill or injured at Saddleback Church, providing a valuable service to both the patient and their family until additional help arrives.

Information Center – This area becomes the hub of activity on the patio, before and after weekend services as the 50 volunteers serving in the ministry provide visitors and members with general information regarding Saddleback Church. Attendees can find out about upcoming events, ask spiritually based questions or just get directions. Volunteers serving in this ministry will also have the opportunity to speak to visiting pastors about Saddleback.

Bulletin Assembly – Each week we need more than 20,000 bulletins stuffed with the sermon outline and other inserts. The 50+ volunteers in this ministry meet in the Worship Center at 2:00pm every Saturday to get these done for the weekend services and enjoy fellowship and friendship in the process. At times, additional projects are completed by this ministry in the Green Room on Friday mornings and/or Ministry Center Monday mornings.

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