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It All Goes Back In The Box

Had the great privilege of spending a few short minutes with John Ortberg this weekend as he spoke at our services. What a great man of God with a passion for seeing changed lives. I was once again reminded of his storytelling approach to preaching and how it resonated with me. That is probably the […]

You are One! : Moderator that is.

You may find it odd for me to suggest a book on “Facilitating Online Learning”; however, this book has once again peeked my interesting in learning better ways of facilitating discussion and honoring multiple perspectives. Give it a read. I did. And it has given me a new arsenal for effective moderating. Who couldn’t stand […]

Tip of the Day: Speak their Language

I was having lunch today with a good friend of mine (Pastor Larry Nelson, Fielder Road Baptist, Arlington, Texas) when he reminded me of a tip that we all can learn from. Speak their language NOT Christianise. When we think of street to the seat we must think about the words we use and context […]

StS over 5000 hits

We have hit the 5000 mark. We are so proud to know that you are learning with us. We also have 101 daily subscribers who receive our updates as well. Our goal between now and the end of the year is to go to 500 daily subscribers and 10,000 hits. But to do that we […]

Duct Tape Required

Got to love a book that has duct tape on the front cover. All I need now is some bailing wire, a ball pean hammer, and some WD40 and we’ll be set. Just got this book started. Great read so far. © Kerry R. Mackey, All Rights Reserved

the dip: when to quit and when to stick

Here is another read for those who find themselves at mile marker 20 of a marathon running uphill into a headwind with no water stations in sight. I recommend this little book to anyone who finds themselves or their congregation in transition or considering transition. It is a very short read, but well worth the […]

Challenging the Status Quo

Ever considered and intense devotion to customer service, fresh ideas, energy & passion to make a significant difference. Often the “road not taken” is the road that leads to success. This book will not be found under the “Christianity” section in the bookstore, but it is a very good read. Admittedly over my years in […]


Thought that I pass on to you books that I am reading. Here is a first installment of what I’m reading. This is a re-read for me, but well worth the time. As you know, I have been asking the Lord to ignite in me a freshness. This is one of the books that the […]

From "BRINGING" to Becoming

Just received an email from Pastor Ellis Hayden with a couple of his ideas he is working on as they move persons from the street to the seat. Here they are. Family Film Night Here is something that is working for us this summer. We are having a Family Film Night on the last Sunday […]

StS Award of Excellence: First Baptist Benbrook, Texas

My family had the great privilege of worshipping this morning with her parents at First Baptist Benbrook, Texas that is. I am frequently reminded of my Texas roots when being greeted in the parking lot with, “How you folks doing this morning?”. Thanks “Don” for greeting my family in the parking lot and welcoming us […]