Follow-Up Questions to "Christ Fellowship has GOT IT going on"

Check out the comments section of the post from a couple of weeks ago, June 2007 where I listed the questions raised while I was in West Palm Beach Florida. A buddy of mine posted some GREAT follow-up questions for us to ponder.

Here they are. What are your thoughts?

Here are a couple questions / thoughts this generated:

1. What are the small wins we have identified that help build momentum? (in various areas and strategies)

2. Does the term “membership” mean different things (negative/positive and religious or exclusive) to the new generation that it didn’t to the previous, and what are the implications? and is there a better word that more accurately reflects that commitment?

3. How can missiology affect out thinking in making a “street” impact in our communities through relationships, services and natural positions of trust?

4. How do we make sure we aren’t abusive and intrusive with our mass communications? (a crying wolf factor / habitually ignored)

5. Is the lack of a truly “human voice” part of the problem of mass marketing, and would and “old school” approach of hand written/personalized communications contain a remarkably high value? (and how the heck do we manage that?)

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