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Hey StS Community!

I’ve been in West Palm Beach, Florida these past few days unpacking Street to the Seat and B.E.L.O.N.G. with Christ Fellowship Church . Let me give a big shout out to Pastor Tom Mullins, Todd, Dave, Steve, Doug, Lance and the rest of the team there. What a great team of Christ followers. It was so refreshing for me. I think I learned more from them then they did from me. But that’s what StS is about…learning from each other.

If you’d be interested in us hanging out together for a few days shoot me an email and let’s see what we can do. I’d love to learn from you as well.

After spending two days of unpacking StS and B.E.L.O.N.G. here are a few questions we gleaned from each other. I’ve asked Christ Fellowship’s permission to share them with our learning community. I know you are asking some of these same questions.

Here are the 2 questions I threw out to the team which stimulated the rest of the questions and thoughts: Based on what you have heard about StS and B.EL.O.N.G. …
What questions does this raise as you think about your team?” and
What are the potential implications or gaps that you need to address?

Questions/Thoughts Generated:

  1. Are we engaging people or just putting out information?
  2. Can we create something that is pre-101 that doesn’t cost anything?
  3. How can we make our communication pieces have more value? Does that mean reducing the amount of info in the piece?
  4. If it came in my stack of mail what would I do with it?
  5. How do we make the process of communication more simple? How do we simplify the process?
  6. How do we integrate internationals into the process? Intentional integration
  7. What is it we can do that are easy wins for us and most important for us?
  8. How can we give the right impression to people?
  9. How can we be more personal rather than professional?
  10. How do we take what we talked about and affect our staff and get it into the culture of our staff?
  11. What is our target audience?
  12. How are they hearing us?
  13. How do you communicate across varying levels of spiritual development?
  14. How does the worship experience contribute to the overall process?
  15. How do we bridge the gap in our weekend experience?
  16. How do we train our first impression team?
  17. How do we intentionally and strategically unify the ministries?
  18. What are ways to effectively communicate what we have and what we do church-wide?
  19. How do we make ourselves available to everyone?
  20. How do we effectively and efficiently train up people for varying aspects of ministry? (specific – cross cultural and local outreach)
  21. How do we take people out of 101 and help them to own the campus and incorporate them in maintaining and owning it? specifically in the area of maintenance?
  22. Where are the spots for not yet Christians on the team?
  23. Based on Starbucks Third Place – should the church strive for this or does it make the church a place? “the church” should be Christianity and should pervade all aspects of life and should have equal footing or higher to home and work. The church are the people, not a place – so people should desire to fellowship and grow with others not “go to church”
  24. How do we communicate that membership has privileges?
  25. Clarify the take away?
  26. Are we all on the same page?
  27. How do we re-communicate the why behind the what? Why are these people serving?
  28. Are you here to direct traffic or to serve others in the name of Christ?
  29. Have we truly defined the targets of our specific areas/campuses and related messaging?
  30. The principles stays the same, but there may need to be some tweaking it so what does it mean for us?
  31. What is misaligned at the top of the funnel?

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  1. Tony Steward says:

    Here are a couple questions / thoughts this generated to me:

    1. What are the small wins we have identified that help build momentum? (in various areas and strategies)

    2. Does the term “membership” mean different things (negative/positive and religious or exclusive) to the new generation that it didn’t to the previous, and what are the implications? and is there a better word that more accurately reflects that commitment?

    3. How can missiology affect out thinking in making a “street” impact in our communities through relationships, services and natural positions of trust?

    4. How do we make sure we aren’t abusive and intrusive with our mass communications? (a crying wolf factor / habitually ignored)

    5. Is the lack of a truly “human voice” part of the problem of mass marketing, and would and “old school” approach of hand written/personalized communications contain a remarkably high value? (and how the heck do we manage that?)

    just my thoughts, good fun!

  2. Tony Steward says:

    OH! This one to:

    Does diminishing the risk in making a connection also diminish the value and excitement coming out of it?

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