I’ve seen a Dream become Reality

Tonight I watched a dream become reality.

Eleven years ago this spring I arrived in Fort Worth, Texas and began a journey with a guy named Daryl Eldridge. A man who became a great friend, a father figure, and my mentor. Now some 11 years later I watched him tonight lead commencement for 10 students from Rockbridge Seminary, a fully online purpose driven seminary.

You see Rockbridge Seminary has been a dream of Daryl’s. A fully online seminary providing education to the world via digital media. A place where students can receive the education they need while staying on the field of ministry and tapping into the greatest resource available today for communication, the Internet.

If you have considered seminary, yet past it over because you didn’t want to leave the field to attend a traditional seminary…Rockbridge is for you.

If you have considered providing training opportunities for laity within your church…Rockbridge is for you.

If you have considered additional training for your staff…Rockbridge is for you.

If you have considered what it means to be purpose driven in ministry…Rockbridge is for you.

If you want to be purpose driven without leaving the comfort of your living room…Rockbridge is for you.

PLEASE, join us at Rockbridge Seminary, “the only FULLY online Seminary in the world” as we learn together.

What Others Say

“Because Saddleback fills so many of its staff positions from within our church family, we needed an innovative way to train people without sending them away to seminary for years. Rockbridge Seminary’s totally online format provided the answer we needed.”

Dr. Rick Warren, Senior Pastor, Saddleback Community Church (California)

“Rockbridge is the new, innovative approach to learning that I’m looking for.”

Tim, Lay Ministry Leader (Wisconsin)

“When I found out about your program, I couldn’t believe it also incorporated the five purposes. This is going to help our local church and my ability to lead tremendously.”

Thom, Senior Pastor (Colorado)

“I have always felt the need to further my education, but could never do so because I never felt led to leave the church I was serving to do so. I searched for a program like this since I graduated from college. This is an answer to years of prayer and searching.”

Evan, Minister of Music (Missouri)

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