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Follow-Up Questions to "Christ Fellowship has GOT IT going on"

Check out the comments section of the post from a couple of weeks ago, June 2007 where I listed the questions raised while I was in West Palm Beach Florida. A buddy of mine posted some GREAT follow-up questions for us to ponder. Here they are. What are your thoughts? Here are a couple questions […]

Mistaken Identities of Leadership

This is a great ditty on leadership by a friend of mine, Tony Steward with “Who Are These Guys?: not famous and okay with it…” Mistaken Identities of LeadershipPosted by: tonysteward in Leadership Leadership is a term that seems to be used as loosely as the word love. You love hot dogs and your love […]

New Entry, New Road, New Traffic Flow, New Parking

Well, it has been a long time coming but on July 7th we open our new entry, road, and parking lots to the Saddleback Valley. When I think of all the thousands of man hours that have gone into this project I am overwhelmed with pride for our people. The Campus Ministry Team of Traffic, […]

Go have a cup of coffee

It has been a very busy few days and I was needing something to get me back on track and then I came across this simple but thought provoking video. Enjoy! © Kerry R. Mackey, All Rights Reserved

Christ Fellowship has GOT IT go’n on!

Hey StS Community! I’ve been in West Palm Beach, Florida these past few days unpacking Street to the Seat and B.E.L.O.N.G. with Christ Fellowship Church . Let me give a big shout out to Pastor Tom Mullins, Todd, Dave, Steve, Doug, Lance and the rest of the team there. What a great team of Christ […]

Need Replenishing?

Hey Gang, it’s coming, so hold on to your hats. If there is one thing I know it’s that this ministry has the greatest opportunity to help you and I be Healthy, Holy, and Humble. And you know we need this. Click on logo. Just wanted to wet your appetite. © Kerry R. Mackey, All […]

I’ve seen a Dream become Reality

Tonight I watched a dream become reality. Eleven years ago this spring I arrived in Fort Worth, Texas and began a journey with a guy named Daryl Eldridge. A man who became a great friend, a father figure, and my mentor. Now some 11 years later I watched him tonight lead commencement for 10 students […]

Rockbridge Graphic

10 things to consider when planning an evangelistic event

We hate events … so why are we writing an article about them? As sterile, programmed, churchy, and administratively taxing events can sometimes be, there is tremendous value when they are done well. They are “excuses” to build relationships, expose non-believing friends to the people of God, and they even lead to life change. With […]