Touch Points, Target Audiences and Take Aways

Remember we’ve been talking about touch points, target audiences, and take ways as we have discussed CONNECTION. Check out the tip of the day. Start a weekly breakfast and bible study for men.

Here is a great example of a touch point. Kenny Luck found a niche in 1998 for men who desired breakfast and bible study and today over 400 guys get together every Thursday morning for just that.6:00 a.m. – breakfast
6:30 a.m. – bible study
7:30 a.m. – on to the office

Don’t’ let the size of the group scare you off from trying a breakfast and bible study. When Kenny started the group it was just a couple of guys. Today it is much more. We reach hundreds of guys in a way that we might never have the opportunity.

Just another way of moving persons from the, “StS“.

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