What are you willing to pay to Belong?

I caught some flack for saying that, “everyone wants to belong to something, even when they don’t know what it is.” But you know it’s true.

Here is a case in point. How much do you know about the “emo scene” in your area.

Well get to doing your homework. It is an entire subculture in and of itself. Teens and young twenties dying to belong to something so much so they have created their own subculture.

Emo is a somewhat ambiguous, controversial slang term most frequently used to describe a fashion or subculture which is usually defined to have its roots in punk fashion and subculture, as well as some attributes of gothic fashion and subculture.[1][2]

They even have their own grammatical usage. The word emo can be used as either a noun,adjective, or verb .[6][9]

Adjective (1): All my friends are emo.
Adjective (2): I feel emo today.
Noun: That person is such an emo.

There own music, fashion, hair style, personality type, and the list goes on.

Research it yourself and look at what the world is doing to try to belong. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emo_(slang)

Pastors and church leaders…we MUST make the most of every opportunity to help persons choose Christ and belong to His church family.

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