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I found it interesting in our resent survey that our first communication question about ones strongest asset of communicating with the community was “oral” or did I? For years I’ve listened to us say that the number one way a person comes to church is through a personal invite. OK…if that is true then why are we not blowing the doors off our churches. Is it the “asks” or the “asker”. Surely it isn’t that hard to ask a friend to come hang with us at our church for an hour or is it? Just thinking out loud.

Of pastors surveyed 78% said that they had determined that oral communication was their strongest asset in communicating to the community.

12% said print
5.5% said broadcast
3.5% said digital

Side note: don’t shy away from digital just because you don’t know how to use it or think it will cost too much. Let us help you leverage digital tools that will work for you.

“make the most of every opportunity”

I wonder what the community would say if I surveyed them about their perception of how you communicate with them.

You know what, I think I’ll do just that. I am going to select several locations around the U.S. and randomly sample them to determine what they think is the churches greatest communication asset to their community.

I will need your help. My plans are to compose a survey by which I’ll ask several of you to help me randomly survey people on the street in your community. We’ll take a broad sample from rural, suburban, and major cities. Let’s see what the community tells us.

Email me at if you are interested in partnering with us in the upcoming surveys.

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