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What They are Telling Me

Remember I said that I was going to survey some of our folks to ask them how they would like to be communicated with. Well I did…and the results are in. I submitted a one-question survey to 3200 people who have attended C.L.A.S.S. 101 since September 2005 and here is what the survey shows. 1. […]

5 Reasons God Exists

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Leading Change

Hundreds of you have asked for a tool to help you communication the philosophy of Street to the Seat as it leads to Here is a look at my basic power point that I use when walking persons through how this strategy can help you be more intential as you help persons assimilate into […]

Why Does It Matter?

It matters that you are concerned with moving persons from the street to the seat as you help them choose Christ and belong to the church family because guys like Bill S. from London, Ontario who writes these words on the back of the latest Starbucks Coffee cup are looking for a place to belong. […]

StS also using Vox and Twitter

Found another couple of “FREE” tools that I thought I’d put you onto thanks to a couple of my colleagues, Pastor Erin Kerr (VOX) and Pastor Eric Busby (Twitter). They are called VOX and TWITTER. I’ve been testing both for some time as tools to effectively communication to thousands of folks. Click on either of […]

Touch Points, Target Audiences and Take Aways

Remember we’ve been talking about touch points, target audiences, and take ways as we have discussed CONNECTION. Check out the tip of the day. Start a weekly breakfast and bible study for men. Here is a great example of a touch point. Kenny Luck found a niche in 1998 for men who desired breakfast and […]

Tip of the Day

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Helping "Leonard" BECOME

Erin Kerr is making the most of everything opportunity to help “Leonard” choose Christ and belong to the church family. Minutes ago while sitting outside the PeaceMaker Conference at Saddleback. Erin and I met Leonard. Leonard was on campus for a “classic car show” that we host on our campus the first saturday of the […]

PeaceMaker Conference at Saddleback

Peacemaking Principles: Responding to Conflict Biblically. If you haven’t been trained. Get trained. The Bible does not teach that all conflict is bad. Some conflicts are natural and beneficial, while others can cause harm and estrangement. Our response to conflict often makes all the difference. Peacemaker Ministries © Kerry R. Mackey, All Rights Reserved

Communication to your own congregation

Survey shows… 44% – of you state that your strongest communication asset to your congregation is oral. 42% – say it is print 5.5% – say it is broadcast 7.5% – say it is digital Do me a favor, let’s ask your congregation how they would like for you to communicate with them. Create a […]