Vital Questions for 21st Century Evangelism

When it comes to helping someone B.E.L.O.N.G. we must tackle helping them “Become” and Pastor Erin Kerr is helping us lead the charge at Saddleback in this arena.

VITAL QUESTIONS – We are hosting our friends Dr. Drew Lawson and Dr. John Riel who have developed a great tool in helping people from various spiritual backgrounds grapple with four key questions that lead them-on their own discovery to move towards Christ.

Pastor Erin says that in his own life, he has found their framework very helpful in discerning how to ask the right questions of people to consider God and even Christ. They are working on a website to showcase this tool so when we get that info, we will post it. If you are on staff at Saddleback – you are invited to a STAFF training lunch on May 10 and 17th.

If not, please check out Drew and John’s stuff in the next posting when we get the URL. This stuff is great.

Pastor Erin also states that he has also found Randy Newman’s, Questioning Evangelism very helpful as well in this approach to evangelism.

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