Newsletter Article to my Ministry Partners for EASTER

Here is a copy of the article that is going to the 1,100+ ministry partners serve with my team for Easter.

Just a thought for your team.

Welcome everyone to the Easter addition of the Membership Team Newsletter. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the coming days as we prepare to throw a celebration of our risen Lord. For me, Easter is the celebration of all celebrations in the Christian faith. And when I think about all the persons from within the community who will be here for the first time to hear the Gospel, I get even more excited.

As ministry partners you are the on the frontlines of living on purpose and without you we would not exist. As we prepare for Easter you may have noticed in the past couple additions of our Membership Newsletter no doubt the theme, “Above & Beyond” adorns every page. That is our membership team theme for 2007 as we strive to go above and beyond in everything we do as a team.

As you know our purpose as a membership team is to, “make the most of every opportunity as we assist persons to “B.E.L.O.N.G.” to Christ and the church family”.

In preparation for our community-wide Easter celebration next week let’s all read Luke 6:27-38 together as we prepare our hearts. Join your 1,100 team members as we read together in preparation for serving this Easter.

Here are a few thoughts the Lord has shown me personally:
· Love your enemies
· Respond with the energies of prayer
· Help and give without expecting a return
· Live generously
· Be easy on people
· Give away your life
· Generosity begets generosity

I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate your commitment to Christ and His church. Your service to Him is a testimony to your calling as ministers of the gospel.


Pastor Kerry

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