19 Days and we are ADDING to Easter

This is the reason that planning in advance gives you flexibility for success. So I am setting with our senior pastor and a few others between services this morning when we decided that a few things will be added for Easter. No worries…a good plan always provides space for changes on the fly. That’s what makes a good plan… a good plan.

Remember those check list’s you been downloading as templates, well they are the reason that I’m not worried. Since our team has planned in advance we can pull off these additional ideas with no problem. And you can too! Having a plan and working that plan lends itself to allow for changing winds.

A great friend of mine Mike Wierick who is the Executive Pastor at Fielder Road in Arlington, Texas reminds me frequently to pray for a “wind from elsewhere” to blow across our churches. This was one of those moments with the wind from elsewhere began to blow, so we are going with it. Does it require more work? Well sure it does, but when the wind begins to blow, hoist your sails, catch the wave and ride it.

So what did we add? A couple of things you may want to consider yourselves if you haven’t already.

1. Community Prayer Breakfast – Thursday, April 5th – we’ve decided to invite every Community Leader in the city to our church for a prayer breakfast in preparation for Good Friday. Nothing big…just a FREE breakfast, community fellowship and prayer for our community.

2. Staff Prayer Walk – we are going to pull our entire staff together the week of April 2nd to begin prayer walking our campus. Praying over the parking lots where people will park, paths where they will walk, seats where they will sit, the patio area where they will mingle, rooms where our kids will meet, baptismal pools, and the platforms from which the gospel will be shared.

3. Easter Egg Hunt/Roll – now that might not sound like a big deal, but when you are talking about 5,000+ kids, parents, grand parents, neighbors, and did I mention we are inviting the community too. All right in the middle of 13 services. WOW what a weekend it will be.

4. Easter Pictures – that’s right we’re going to provide a FREE photo shoot for anyone and everyone who attends the Easter Egg Hunt/Roll. We will then give them their photos the following weekend when they return. See there…it is a pull back to the church for the following weekend.

5. Monday Night Men – an idea we are working out this week is a Monday Night Men’s Leadership gathering with a guest speaker. What a great way to pull a group of guys back the night following Easter. You know what I mean, getting a guest speaker who is potentially sports related to draw them back for a talk on sports, leadership, being a man, etc…

6. New Series of Messages – Easter is always a great time to launch a new teaching series, so we’ll begin that as well. Looks like it will be around 5 weeks and will be on, “What Matters Most!”

Just a few thoughts…ENJOY!

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