Ready, Set, Resurrection!

REAL, TRUE, LIVING HOPE is available – Jesus has risen indeed! No question, hands down, this is the BEST NEWS ever! And it shows, when Easter arrives – we dress our best, we prepare the best, and we can’t wait to invite our friends to experience Saddleback.

I love how the church responds to this momentous occasion – we mark it on our calendars, we set up family feasts, we train and equip new volunteers, ushers, greeters, teammates and we plan, literally right after Christmas, how we will use this “excuse” to introduce people to Jesus. The amount of time, sacrifice and resources to do all of these services are incredible and our team steps up – BIG time!

Not only that, think about the fruit of all our labor – God uses us to create the environment for the Holy Spirit to touch lives. It’s amazing how many people respond to the Gospel during the Easter season- this is the point isn’t it?

EASTER is a snapshot of what being a follower of Jesus is all about right?

Great. Wonderful. “High fives” to everyone.

What if it was Easter … every day?

Can you imagine if this same sense of urgency, dedication, sacrifice and invitational fervor could be tapped into…. regularly?

Yes – let’s celebrate.
Yes – let’s be excited.
Yes – let’s link arms with God and serve people with ridiculous grace.
Yes – let’s “start” praying for people to invite – but I believe Christ wants us to be “ready, set, resurrection” minded every day [Luke 9.23]. Do you think that’s what God might have intended [2 Cor 5.17; Gal 2.20]? I think so.

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