For those of you joining us today from the article on Ministry Toolbox from http://www.pastors.com/ , WELCOME to Street to the Seat (StS). We are glad to be of service to you and your congregations. As I mentioned in the article I have a passion for helping persons to belong and it is my prayer that StS will be just that kind of tool for you. A tool from which you can link to, find helpful articles, sample tools, insights and learning’s that will help you assist more people to “BELONG” to Christ and the local church.

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I’ve been thinking about StS for some 10+ years; however, it has only been in the past couple of years that a ministry partner of mine encouraged me to begin writing about my thoughts. So here we are taking an adventure together in helping each other learn about belonging and ways unchurched and non-believers act and react to what we do in the area of “campus ministries” or as some call it, “first impressions”.

StS is here to help not only my own church, but pastors and church leaders around the world to address the needs of persons on a faith journey in taking next steps. Areas of interest such as the disconnect between messaging and the message, the divide between acquaintance and personal relationship, and the inconsistency of familiarity with the need to belong.

I submit to you there are four core concepts for StS that will help us bridge the gap.

1. Communication

It is crucial to develop a plan for the community and one for the congregation so we will address the balance of oral, print, broadcast, and digital media.

2. Connection

What draws a person to the church and what keeps them coming back! This one will surprise you. Starbucks has made the “third place” famous in their industry. Why shouldn’t the church be the third place? Here we will look at a complete array of touch points, target audiences, and take aways.

3. Consistency

Having ministry partners (volunteers) who provide a consistent face for traffic personnel, greeters, ushers, first aid, ministry connections, information centers and other areas are vital. It can make or break you. So relationships, reliability, and retention are significance areas for consideration.

4. Classification

Everyone wants to “belong” to something. They want to have the classification even when they don’t know what it is. People tell me all they time they “belong” to my church even when they don’t know why we do what we do, aren’t active in a small group, do not serve in a ministry, don’t tithe, and don’t attend worship on a consistent basis. So where is the belonging? Why should they belong to your church? What’s the big deal?

Street to the Seat will hopefully help you identify where you are and where you might improve. We are here to serve you, so let us know how we can help.

Begin by TAKING OUR SURVEY. Results will be posted beginning April 1st.

Welcome and thank you for reading and learning with us.

© Kerry R. Mackey, All Rights Reserved


  1. pastorob says:

    Hey Kerry,

    I passed your article on to everyone in our church who has given me an email address.

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