Easter Planning Check List

Easter Planning Check List

East Planning Team

  • Team meetings scheduled 12 weeks in advance
  • Weekly meeting location confirmed
  • Team Leader invites to meetings confirmed
  • Weekly Team Leader reminders sent
  • Weekly updates with individual teams
  • Prayer focus
  • Post Easter debrief scheduled

Finance Team

  • Budgets submitted to Easter Team Leader
  • Budgets approved by the Finance Team
  • Follow-up meeting with team set
  • Budgets confirmed by individual teams
  • Post Easter Budget accountability meeting scheduled

Pastoral Team

  • Pastoral Service Time Assignments
  • Pastoral Care Staff on standby for emergencies
  • Contact List completed
  • Follow-up Email confirmation sent
  • Assignments posted in green rooms and with Campus Ministries

Operations Team

  • Calendar Requests submitted and rooms reserved
  • Facilities Team confirmed for setup and take down
  • Sunrise Service setup teams enlisted
  • Security Team confirmed and supply requests met
  • Bus Shuttles confirmed for Sunday morning services
  • Maintenance Team confirmed advance preparation
  • Food Service scheduled and food ordered
  • Equipment Rental secured

Campus Ministry Team

  • Enlistment & Training events scheduled
  • Traffic enlisted, trained, and scheduled
  • Greeters enlisted, trained, and scheduled
  • Ushers enlisted, trained, and scheduled
  • First Aid enlisted, trained, and scheduled
  • Campus Cleaning enlisted, trained, and scheduled
  • Information Center enlisted, trained, and scheduled
  • Bulletin count determine and crews ready to assemble
  • Patio setup assignments made and confirmed with ministries
  • Additional radios and supplies ordered
  • Reserve rooms for volunteer check in

Worship Team

  • Venues confirmed for all services
  • Number of services set (day, time, location)
  • Easter Theme confirmed
  • Musicians enlisted
  • Bands scheduled
  • Choirs and Singers, enlisted and assigned
  • ASL Interpretation services confirmed
  • Staging in main room set
  • Sunrise worship team enlisted
  • Off site worship team enlisted
  • Reserve lower campus green room for volunteers

Communication & I.T. Team

  • Community Strategy in place
  • Congregation Strategy set
  • Easter Theme confirmed
  • Oral strategy – small group conversations
  • Print strategy – bulletins, invites, posters, card distribution, newspaper, etc.
  • Broadcast strategy – sunrise events, radio, free T.V., etc.
  • Digital Strategy – website, e-vites, text messages, blogs, podcast, etc.
  • Phone system voice over completed and set
  • Regional Campus strategy confirmed and in process

Audio/Visual Team

  • Sound technicians enlisted and scheduled all venues
  • Staging confirmed for venues and outdoor services
  • Equipment rental completed
  • Video walls ordered and set for construction
  • Sunrise Service team ready
  • Cameras ordered
  • Lights ordered
  • Outdoor speakers ordered
  • Regional Campus strategy confirmed and in process
  • Setup of all venues, sites, and regional campuses confirmed

Decoration Team

  • Floral design for campus determined
  • Venue look/feel confirmed
  • Flowers ordered and being shipped
  • Setup / Take down team in place
  • Doves for sunrise service ordered.

Baptism Team

  • Pastoral Service Time Assignments confirmed
  • Reserve the baptismal pool – heated
  • Contact List completed
  • Follow-up Email to Pastors sent
  • Supplies confirmed for the baptism computer cart
  • Ministry Partner Team enlist, training, & assignment confirmed
  • Assignments posted in green rooms and with Campus Ministry

Bookstore Team

  • Pavilion schedule confirmed
  • Resources fully stocked

Follow-Up Team

  • Follow-up Team in place
  • I.T. Team contacted for data entry during services
  • Fresh Start Team kits ordered
  • Fresh Start Team ministry partners enlisted and scheduled
  • Follow-up supplies ordered and ready for week following
  • Ministry Partners enlisted to send out letters the following week

Children’s Team

  • Schedule confirmed
  • Rooms reserved
  • Special Needs Team and schedule completed

Youth Team

  • Schedule confirmed
  • Rooms reserved
  • Special Needs Team and schedule completed

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