Easter Planning Thoughts

As a private pilot I am required to go through a “pre-flight checklist” prior to every flight. We need to follow the same example as we prepare our congregations for one of the biggest days of celebration in Christianity.

Here is a list of the teams I pull together for Easter:

  • Easter Planning Team – 2o plus leaders from each area.
  • Finance Team – help determine the budget
  • Pastoral Team – pastoral service time assignments, locations, and responsibilities
  • Operations Team– Calendar Requests, Facilities, Security, Bus Shuttles, Maintenance, Food Service, Setup/Take down, equipment rental
  • Campus Ministry Team – traffic, greeters, ushers, first aid, bulletin stuffers, information center, patio setup, campus cleaning
  • Worship Team – Bands, singers, choirs, staging, Easter theme, number of services, location of services
  • Communication & I.T. Team – community & congregation communications, oral, print, broadcast, and digital media
  • Audio/Visual Team – sound technicians, staging and equipment, video walls for sunrise services, additional microphones, cameras, lights, speakers, etc…
  • Decoration Team – decoration of the campus and all worship services and/or venues including outdoor sunrise services in multiple locations in the city
  • Baptism Team – providing baptisms at all services
  • Bookstore Team – providing access to the resource pavilion
  • Follow-Up Team – Fresh Start with God Team (new believer kit distribution), response card team for decisions.
  • Children’s Team – for all preschool and children programs
  • Youth Team – for all junior & senior high ministries

Within these 14 teams there are approximately 100 check boxes to be completed in preparation to launch the first of our 13 Easter services over a 4 day period.

Stay tuned…I’ll post our checklist form in the next few days as a sample.

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