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Newsletter Article to my Ministry Partners for EASTER

Here is a copy of the article that is going to the 1,100+ ministry partners serve with my team for Easter. Just a thought for your team. _____________________ Welcome everyone to the Easter addition of the Membership Team Newsletter. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the coming days as we prepare to […]

2 days left on "TAKE OUR SURVEY"

Just wanted to remind us all that we have 2 days left on, “TAKE OUR SURVEY“. We’ve had over 300 people take our survey so far and we can wait to compile the results. Our intent is to compile the data over the weekend and begin posting the results early next week on what the […]

19 Days and we are ADDING to Easter

This is the reason that planning in advance gives you flexibility for success. So I am setting with our senior pastor and a few others between services this morning when we decided that a few things will be added for Easter. No worries…a good plan always provides space for changes on the fly. That’s what […]

After hour Easter Phone Message

Ever thought through what your after hour automated message machine should say when someone calls the church office in preparation for Easter. Here is an idea, of course you’ll need to determine the specifics for your phone system. If you need assistance I’m sure your local phone carrier will help. We will start our message […]

20 Days Out and all is well…with my soul.

We are 20 days out from our first Easter Service, so this is the time we do several things. How are you coming on your preparation. 1. Post all service times to the community and congregation. Newspapers Billboards Movie theaters Emails Websites You Tube video Blogs Pod cast Text messages Personal business card size invites […]

Ready, Set, Resurrection!

REAL, TRUE, LIVING HOPE is available – Jesus has risen indeed! No question, hands down, this is the BEST NEWS ever! And it shows, when Easter arrives – we dress our best, we prepare the best, and we can’t wait to invite our friends to experience Saddleback. I love how the church responds to this […]


For those of you joining us today from the article on Ministry Toolbox from , WELCOME to Street to the Seat (StS). We are glad to be of service to you and your congregations. As I mentioned in the article I have a passion for helping persons to belong and it is my prayer […]

Easter Planning Check List

Easter Planning Check List 2007 East Planning Team Team meetings scheduled 12 weeks in advance Weekly meeting location confirmed Team Leader invites to meetings confirmed Weekly Team Leader reminders sent Weekly updates with individual teams Prayer focus Post Easter debrief scheduled Finance Team Budgets submitted to Easter Team Leader Budgets approved by the Finance Team […]

Easter Planning Thoughts

As a private pilot I am required to go through a “pre-flight checklist” prior to every flight. We need to follow the same example as we prepare our congregations for one of the biggest days of celebration in Christianity. Here is a list of the teams I pull together for Easter: Easter Planning Team – […]