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Core Concept: Consistency

I left you with the thirty thousand foot of “consistency” when I said, “Having ministry partners (volunteers) who provide a consistent face for traffic personnel, greeters, ushers, first aid, ministry connections, information centers and other areas are vital. It can make you or break you.” Well this could never be more true. Side note: you’ll […]

Core Concept: Connection

As you will recall in an earlier post I hung the hat of “Connection” on what keeps them coming back. If you are a pastor or church leader, please don’t take offense, but most people don’t come or keep coming for your sermon/message. Nor do they always come back because of the worship music or […]

Core Concept: Communication

I told you I’d be right back. Well here I am. When I think of all that is wrapped up in communication to the community and the congregation I think of Rex Miller’s book, “Millennium Matrix“. So here it is. Buy it! Read it! Learn from it! Implement it! I know Rex, he would love […]

Street to the Seat

Have you ever thought what it must be like for a non-believer in the Christain faith to make the decision to attend a church facility/campus. I’ve been thinking about it for over 15 years and have decided to do something about it. I’ve created, “Street to the Seat“TM to help pastors and church leaders address […]